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What to do when you are TOTALLY overwhelmed

Dearest Mama,

I've been there!

I've stared at the huge pile of laundry, the empty fridge, the over-due-for-a-bath preschoolers, the dust bunnies that actually LOOK LIKE FULL GROWN RABBITS!

Stay outside. I'm serious, Thumper!

I've isolated myself from friends because I didn't want them to see my mess.

I've dreaded facing the day even 1 more time to:

  • do the dishes dance,

  • the "what will we eat 3 times today" drama, and

  • the "what do they actually do at school if they have this much homework *I* need to help them with" aria.

Can you relate?

Nothing is wrong with you.

Other moms struggle too.

Maybe not all of them in the same ways.

But, they aren't you.

And you are the perfect Mama for these kiddos, so... how do you get back to feeling like the heroine of your own story? How do you stop hiding under the covers and face the life you've chosen with renewed hope, purpose, and love?

I'll tell you something... you're not even ready to hear the answers I can give you for that. Because you need to do something first.

You just need to get back to your baseline. And I'm going to help you do that.

Grab your phone and open the timer app.

Set it for 15 minutes and go tackle the kitchen. Stay focused, fast, and playfully furious. Just get it done. You've only got 15 minutes to unload and reload the dishwasher, put away those open cereal boxes, and recycle the half dozen empty ones the kids have left lining the counter. Do not tell yourself this is impossible. Tell yourself you've got 15 minutes and you better hustle.

Then report back.

Are you back?

Nice work! I bet you got a lot more done than you thought possible in those 15 minutes.

Ok ready for the next step?

Grab frozen chicken out of the freezer if you have it (or order it on instacart if you don't. While you're at it, order a bag of grated cheese, flour tortillas, and some sour cream or your other favorite taco toppings). Dump a few chicken breasts into your crockpot, cover it with your favorite salsa, put the lid on, turn it on low and walk away. Dinner is basically done.

Okay, this next step is REALLY important, Mama. Are you ready?

Your next job is to set the timer for 15 minutes again.

And Get Ready.

Get set.

Sit down. Sit down in your favorite chair with your favorite blanket. Do not scroll and do the despair and comparing of social media. Do not text anyone. Don't call anyone. Just rest.

Rest your body. Rest your brain. Quiet yourself completely.

When the timer goes off, I want you to write down 3 things you love about yourself and every family member. Even that toddler. Yes him. Even your partner. I know you can do it. Now put that list where you can read it every so often today.

And now, your brain is quieter. Your intention is set to love. And you can plan the rest of your day from a place of peace and clarity.

This is just the beginning, Mama. Once you've learned how to hit the reset and rest buttons, you are ready to start asking yourself what you really want your life to look like and feel like every single day.

Today, tomorrow, next week or next year, reach out to me. We can have an hour together, just you and me, to brainstorm your next steps. And, you'll see how amazing it can be to have a coach just for you as part of your support team.

Book your free coaching call here. As soon as you're ready.

I'd also like to invite you to sign up for a free workbook that you can use as many time as you need it during your 15 minutes of rest. You can sign up for it right here:

With Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust,

Leslie McCaddon

Certified Life Coach

The Happiest Mom Coach

Momtegerity Podcast (coming soon!)

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