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Your Laundry Or Your Life?

What if the piles of Laundry don't mean anything?

I want to offer you a thought today.

The laundry is just a set of neutral facts. There are clean clothes. There are dirty clothes.

There are clothes in piles on the couch. There may be clothes on the floor.

The clothes do not mean anything.

The clothes do not mean you are a bad mom or a good mom.

The clothes do not mean you are responsible or irresponsible.

The clothes do not mean you've got your shit together or you're a hot mess.

Anything you *think* it means (or that anyone tells you it means) is just a thought about it.

The clothes by themselves have no power to mean anything at all.

For me, all the clothes mean my kids have clothes to wear. Whether they are dirty or clean, I choose to think they are a good thing.

I used to think unfolded clean clothes in a basket or a pile on the couch meant I was "less than" other moms.

I choose not to think like that now. I choose to think, "My kids have clean clothes. They will get put away, or not. But, either way, they still have clean clothes to wear."

If you make the clothes mean you are disorganized or "less than" or a "hot mess" or "a bad mom" how will you feel?

If you're like me...not very good. When I have thoughts like that I have feelings of embarrassment, shame, and overwhelm.

I don't know about you, but I'm not willing to keep giving a pile of fabric purchased at Old Navy the power to shame me. And thank goodness they don't have that power, right?! Thank goodness, I get to choose. My thoughts about the clothes determine what I think about myself.

Just notice your thoughts today, okay? Notice that you may think "I have so much dirty laundry and I don't have time and I don't know what is wrong with me!" is very different than, "there is dirty laundry."

Notice. Don't beat yourself up for any thoughts, that's counterproductive. But, notice how your thoughts are making you feel. And sigh a big sigh of relief that you aren't owned or defined by that laundry!

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Until next time!

With a sprinkling of pixie dust, Leslie McCaddon Mendoza Certified Life Coach and CEO The Happiest Mom Coach

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