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I am so excited to offer you a full scholarship for the 12-week premium coaching package!

Your only "payment" showing up to your appointment every week, communicating with me when you are struggling with something we have talked about, and reaching out to me when you need support. Don't worry about not knowing how coaching works-- I've got you! As explained during the application, some of our sessions will be recorded and evaluated by my instructors at The Life Coach School.

Step one is to schedule your first 3 appointments by following the link below. 

I understand that things come up and sometimes we need to reschedule. However, you were selected from dozens of applicants for this scholarship and it is only fair to them if you actually participate and use this amazing opportunity. So, if you do not show up for your appointments without advanced communication, this scholarship will sadly be voided.

You can email me or text me 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule. I'll send you all the details in an email!

You can always reach me by email at

Please be on a lookout for an email from me and be sure to respond. Let's do this! It is my sincere hope that this is going to be a great time of insight and growth.


Thank you for trusting me as you share your grief. It is an honor I never take for granted. 

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