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The Happiest Mom Coach

Certified Life Coach
Leslie McCaddon 

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Susan W.

"I'm being coached by Leslie right now and I can feel my mind shift already. She is so easy to work with and really makes you think about your thoughts and ideas as they affect your life! Positive change is coming - Thank you Leslie!!"


Holly E.

"Leslie is such an amazing life coach! I am not even finished with our first six weeks and I can already see such a positive change in my life. Leslie is so professional but it is such a comfortable environment that it feels like she has been my friend for years. She has already taught me so many different skills that I can utilize for the rest of my life to be able to grow exponentially. She can help you to achieve all your goals and dreams no matter how big or small. I urge you to invest in yourself through Leslie's coaching you won't regret it!"

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Michelle M.

"My time with Leslie has been an honor. She is forthright when I need tl hear something, calm when I'm emotional and gracious when I don't understand something. She is so eloquent and thoughtful  in all of her one on one time with me. She is really great to work with because she is witty and so  articulate! I appreciate her enthusiasm for my small and big successes and how effortlessly she challenges me to move forward.    Her resources are thorough and make sense.  The way she breaks things down make them easy to implement.
I highly recommend working with Leslie."

If you think...

Success, Love and Happiness is only for other people, not for me...

It is too late, I've already made too many mistakes...

I really don't have any dreams or goals so I should just be content with what I have...

Then we really need to talk.